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WELL THE KUROBASU ONES ARE SOLD OUT... AND IT HASN'T EVEN BEEN 24 HOURS LOL.. if you're still interested, just leave a message.  If they ever come back in stock, I'll jump at it and let you know!!

Hi guys, it's that time again for the 2015 Schedule Books and seals!!!  Seals already sold out on Movic, but still available on Animate, so I'm just putting the preorder on for a couple days. The Schedule books usually contains monthly pages with different artwork for every month, notes, full year calendar, and a plastic cover, and seals are made of PET so nice and sturdy, can use them for cell phones too~  Releasing in mid-October so I'll get them by mid-November, well before 2015 =)  Schedule books are $23, and seals are $7.  If you buy both, it'll be $25 for the set.  Please make a comment and let me know what you want.  By the time I order, however many are available, first come first served.

Reservation List:

KuroBasu 2015 Schedule Book:                           absolutehymn
KuroBasu 2015 Schedule Seal:                            angelmcv x 2
KuroBasu 2015 Schedule Book and Seal:            anjichan
Natsume Nyanko-sensei 2015 Schedule Book:
Natsume Nyanko-sensei 2015 Schedule Seal:
Natsume Nyanko-sensei 2015 Schedule Book and Seal:
Uta no Prince-sama 2015 Schedule Book:

2015 schedule book - kurobasu 12015 schedule book - kurobasu 2

2015 schedule book - kurobasu 32015 schedule book - natsume 3
2015 schedule book - natsume 12015 schedule book - natsume 2

2015 schedule book - utapuri 12015 schedule book - utapuri 2

Amnesia Lockets are available late December, great for new years!!!  Made of zinc alloy, about 3.5x4cm.  They come with 4 resin stickers to put inside =)  If you want one, or two, or three, go ahead and choose!! It'll be $16 each locket.  If I get more than 4 characters reserved, I will buy a box, I can buy multiple boxes if many people want to buy.

Reservation List:

Shin Butterfly Locket:
Ikki Butterfly Locket:
Kent Butterfly Locket:
Toma Butterfly Locket:
Ukyo Butterfly Locket:
Orion Butterfly Locket:

Amnesia crowd locketsAmnesia crowd lockets 2

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Thanks for letting me know that you have the schedule books up for pre-order! I will very much like the kuroko no basket schedule book and seals! TY!

Doh! Lookie at the Natsume one OTL Can't afford both, but so nice to see more Natsume goods coming out~ also the UtaPri one is so adorable!

AH SHUCKS!!!! THEY WERE JUST AVAILABLE YESTERDAY!!!! I was going to put in the order and they're sold out now... less than 24 hours... I'm sorry T_____T If they ever get posted again I'll let you know T_____T

Edited at 2014-09-26 04:42 am (UTC)

Wow?! Really??? I hope they do come back in stock tho! Thanks for keeping my name down (it would mean trying to get one on eBay and I would be paying a small fortune for it OTL) lol

Yeah... Kinda stinks that they go so quickly~~ It happens every year, I should've just bought a few of them right away and then post later, instead of putting up a preorder first... Next year LOL

But I'll let you know if any other ones come out!!! I've posted some preorders for other KuroBasu stuff, if you're interested, let me know!


Edited at 2014-09-27 03:28 am (UTC)

Orion's locket looks so pretty but I want Ukyo's resin stickers.... xD

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