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Just like the Shinpuri series, there are some KuroBasu plates/trays on preorder for late December as well, I'm thinking I will buy given enough people want them. They are made of melamine, 8x8x1.5cm in size. EXCELLENT for little snacks or display or little trinkets. I would receive around mid-end of January given the holidays. I won't ask for money in advanced but if you want to preorder, please make sure you're serious about buying because I can't cancel once I make the order. Each plate will be $14. Reserve as many as you want, if I receive at least 5 for each set, I will order the set. First come first served.


Reservation List:

KuroBasu Plates Set A - 1 Kuroko  :  angelmcv
KuroBasu Plates Set A - 2 Kagami  :
KuroBasu Plates Set A - 3 Kise  :  pupina friend
KuroBasu Plates Set A - 4 Midorima  :  angelmcv
KuroBasu Plates Set A - 5 Aomine  :
KuroBasu Plates Set A - 6 Murasakibara  :
KuroBasu Plates Set A - 7 Akashi  :   angelmcv, ink

KuroBasu mini melamine plates

These are really pretty Bag Chains with jewels, and the tag is made of zinc alloy.  They are released in mid-October.  If you're interested, they will be $25 each. I don't know how long they will be up for sale, so if I see them being down to a few, I will close the preorder.  Make a comment if you want one!

Reservation List

KuroBasu Bag Chain - Kuroko :
KuroBasu Bag Chain - Kagami :
KuroBasu Bag Chain - Kise :
KuroBasu Bag Chain - Midorima :
KuroBasu Bag Chain - Aomine :                 SOLD OUT
KuroBasu Bag Chain - Murasakibara :
KuroBasu Bag Chain - Himuro :
KuroBasu Bag Chain - Akashi :                  ink
KuroBasu Bag Chain_1KuroBasu Bag Chain_2
KuroBasu Bag Chain_3KuroBasu Bag Chain_4

KuroBasu Bag Chain_5KuroBasu Bag Chain_6
KuroBasu Bag Chain_8

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Senpai! My friend wants the Kise Mini Tray. Can you reserve it too? =D

Most certainly!! These come out at the same time as the TeniPuri ones, so you'll get them all at once!

Great hahaha! Thank you so much!

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