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Here are some few rare clear files that will be coming out in November!!! Some are out now, but I'll order them together. Let me know ASAP if you want any. I will put in an order very soon because the KuroBasu Schedule books came out again and I need to place that order before it sells out!! First come first served!!


Reservation List
Free! CF Hand holding : $15                       Blacknightsky, anjichan, bakemono
Free! CF Pool : $15                                     bakemono
Free! CF Rainy Day : $17                           Blacknightsky, anjichan, bakemono
Karneval Captains : $17                              Blacknightsky
Prince of Stride : $17
Pyscho Pass : $17                                       anjichan
Psycho Pass Group : $15
Haikyuu Kenma/Tesuro : $17                      cathy515
Haikyu Toru/Hajime : $17                            cathy515
Kyoai Catastrophe : $15
Brothers Conflict : $17


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May we have the holding hands, rainy day and Karneval ones?

Most certainly!!! I knew you or your sister would want the Karneval one ^____^

LOL You're right in the money about the Karneval one, my sister really wanted it!

Heya, just letting you know I've put in the order, but the Rainy Day one is sold out. I've managed to buy the Hand Holding and Karneval ones though!!! I'll let you know when they come in, it won't be until December though cuz November is when they are released.

Heya, I might be able to get Rainy Day from another store! They have this one from August as well, you want it?


omg! omg! *dies of overload* so many! I would like to be put down for:

Free! CF Hand holding : $15
Free! CF Rainy Day : $17
Pyscho Pass : $17

Thank you for letting me know!!! \o/

Hi anjichan!!! I've out your name down and have just out in the order. The Rainy Day is no longer available to order, it's already sold out, but I was able to buy the Hand Holding and Psycho Pass!! ALSO!!! I've got good news, the KuroBasu schedule books came back ^____^ (That's why I had to quickly put in the order) So I got that schedule book ordered for you as well!!! I'll keep your name down for the Rainy Day CF, and if it ever comes back again, I'll grab one for you right away!!

No problem! Thanks for keeping me down for the Rainy Day CF~ I really hope it comes back!

omg!! You are a star!! ♥ That's some great news! Thank you so much for keeping an eye out for the KuroBasu schedule book ^.^

No problem at all!!! Actually, I may be able to get the Rainy Day one from another store. They have this other Free! One and View Finder (I remember you liked the other View Finder I sold), are you interested in either of these?


Oh! Yes please that Free! CF is adorable so I would be interested in that one too! The VF one I already pre-ordered from you with the last batch of CFs? ^^

If it's not too late...

Free! CF Hand holding : $15
Free! CF Pool : $15
Free! CF Rainy Day : $17

And I know the one is sold out, but just in case~

Heya! Usually you answer right away so I thought you didn't want any and so went ahead and made the order already cuz things were selling out. I did manage to get an extra Hand Holding, so I can definitely save that one for you. Rainy Day is sold out, but I'll put your name down and I'll order it if it ever comes back. If the Pool one is still available next time I make an order, I'll be sure to pick it up for you too =)

Ahhh. I was out of the state for the past few days and didn't have time to even check the message. T____T but okay, at least I can get one~

Ah I see, sorry! I also ordered one extra Psycho Pass and an extra Karneval, are you interested in either of those?

Nope, just Free. Thanks~

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