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FREE! Figure Collection Preorder~
There are these cute Free! Figures releasing in January~  Anybody interested?  They are 5.5cm tall, similar to the KuroBasu collection.  Will be $15 each.  If I get more than 4 characters reserved then I'll get a box.  Each box comes with 6 figures, not sure which is a repeat, but if it's a repeat of one that you want, first come first served.  If you want multiple figures, let me know!


Reservation List
Free! Haruka Figure  :         blacknightsky
Free! Makoto Figure  :         cathy515
Free! Rin Figure  :               blacknightsky
Free! Nagisa Figure  : :         anjichan
Free! Rei Figure  :               anjichan

Free! Collection Figures

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omg! yes! I saw these on CDJapan and was going to buy the box just for Rei OTL (and I knew if I waited you may get them for individual order!) lol So glad I did.. I would be interested in reserving Rei thank you ^.^~ ♥

Happy Birthday Anjichan!!! Sorry I was really busy yesterday so didn't have a chance to message you.

Anyways, I'll put you down for Rei and will let you know if I can order!!!

Awww thank you for the bday wishes, duckie! ^.^

No problem! ♥

If you do get a box, put me down for Rin and Haru please! (^∇^)

Most certainly! I am getting a box, it's 3 requests already ^____^

Hey there, just letting you know that Rin and Haru are here!!! Hope you are having fun in VN ^___^ I'm jealous looking at all your pictures~ It's spring break for me, but I'm still studying =P Want any of these?


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