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Really nice clear files and pencil boards so they will go very quickly. Store preorder closes this Saturday so Imma close my entry to place my order in ONE DAY so make sure you make up your mind soon!!! First come first served depending on what is available when I order. These are available at the end of December, so I won't get them until January, you've got plenty of time to save up for them, but please be absolutely serious about buying if you preorder. I cannot cancel my order once I place it!! I will not ask for payment in advance, so I trust that you are serious!! Here they are!!


Reservation List
KuroBasu CF 1214A Kuroko : $17
KuroBasu CF 1214B Kagami : $17                   anjichan
KuroBasu CF 1214C Kise : $17
KuroBasu CF 1214D Midorima : $17
KuroBasu CF 1214E Aomine : $17                   anjichan
KuroBasu CF 1214F Murasakibara : $17
KuroBasu CF 1214G Akashi : $17                    ink
KuroBasu Shitajiki 1214A KuroKaga : $15        bakemono, anjichan
KuroBasu Shitajiki 1214B Rivals : $15              bakemono, absolutehymn
KuroBasu Sticker 1214A Kuroko : $9
KuroBasu Sticker 1214B Kagami : $9                 anjichan
KuroBasu Sticker 1214C Kise : $9
KuroBasu Sticker 1214D Midorima : $9              anjichan
KuroBasu Sticker 1214E Aomine : $9                 anjichan
KuroBasu Sticker 1214F Murasakibara : $9
KuroBasu Sticker 1214G Akashi : $9
Gintama 3Z-Cafe CF Ginchan : $17
Gintama 3Z-Cafe CF Okita/Hijikata : $17
Gintama 3Z-Cafe CF Takasugi/Kamui : $17
Gintama 3Z-Cafe CF Chibis : $17
Gintama 3Z-Cafe Shitajiki Gin/Zura : $15
Gintama 3Z-Cafe Shitajiki Shinsengumi : $15
Gintama 3Z-Cafe Shitajiki Taka/Kamui : $15
Gintama 3Z-Cafe Shitajiki Chibis : $15

KuroBasu CF 1214AKuroBasu CF 1214BKuroBasu CF 1214CKuroBasu CF 1214D
KuroBasu CF 1214EKuroBasu CF 1214FKuroBasu CF 1214G
KuroBasu Shitajiki 1214AKuroBasu Shitajiki 1214B
KuroBasu stickers 1214AKuroBasu stickers 1214BKuroBasu stickers 1214CKuroBasu stickers 1214D
KuroBasu stickers 1214EKuroBasu stickers 1214FKuroBasu stickers 1214G
Gintama CF 1214AGintama CF 1214BGintama CF 1214CGintama CF 1214D
Gintama Shitajiki 1214AGintama Shitajiki 1214BGintama Shitajiki 1214CGintama Shitajiki 1214D

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Wow the poses the characters are doing are making me laugh so hard for some reason XD

Put me down for these two, please:

KuroBasu Shitajiki 1214A KuroKaga : $15
KuroBasu Shitajiki 1214B Rivals : $15

LOL, they're modeling!!! Alrighty, will do!

Ordered! Just letting you know~

Yes! Count me in on these! I saw them on tumblr yesterday and loved them right away!

Can I be put down for:
KuroBasu CF 1214E Aomine : $17
KuroBasu CF 1214B Kagami : $17
KuroBasu Shitajiki 1214A KuroKaga : $15 (if possible)
KuroBasu Sticker 1214B Kagami : $9
KuroBasu Sticker 1214D Midorima : $9
KuroBasu Sticker 1214E Aomine : $9

Thank you!

Sure thing anjichan!!! Will put you down for them =)

I made the order!! Just letting you know =) I didn't want to miss them again LOL

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