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ANIKUJI ITEMS I GOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to my LOVELY SISTER, who stalked Movic for me while I was busy working!!!!  She made me the LUCKIEST BUTT who managed to hit all four figures!!!!  I didn't get my mug like I was hoping for, but I've got really nice things~~   Animate and Movic are SOLD OUT, within 15 minutes LOL... I KNEW IT!!!

I would like to sell the figures for $35 each.  The clear file sets will be $25 each, the gold keyholders will be $15 each, and the canbage set will be $18 each (they're BIG).  Please make sure you are serious about buying when you reserve.  If you have a suggestion, please message.

Also, there has been a big typhoon and flooding at my friend's house. He said it's okay and he can still send me my stuff, but after his place is cleaned up, so just letting you know it's not going to be too soon. But as long as I reserve it for you, and nothing happens to them on their way here, they will be yours =)

Here's the Reservation List:
2x Ryoma Spades Figure:                        1 for tinderbox725, 1 for godchildmomoko
1x Atobe Clubs Figure:                             nia9001
1x Yukimura Hearts Figure:                       lechaco
2x Shiraishi Diamonds Figure:                  1 for hplover2, 1 for azalifinrandi
2x Atobe/Hiyoshi Canbadge Set:
1x Ryoma Spades CF Set:
3x Yukimura Hearts CF Set:                     1 for blacknightsky, 1 for c2422
2x Shiraishi Diamonds CF Set:                 1 for c2422, 1 for azalifinrandi
1x Hiyoshi Clubs CF Set:                      
2x Niou Hearts CF Set:                             1 for pupina_chan, 1 for blacknightsky
1x Atobe Clubs Gold Keyholder:               otakuseiyuu
1x Yukimura Hears Gold Keyholder:
1x Hiyoshi Clubs Gold Keyholder:

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atobe clubs figure please thanks!!:)

Sure thing Nia-chan!!! I lowered the price for the figure, so will give you the lowered price too! Will let you know when I receive him and ready to ship =)

Edited at 2014-10-16 02:48 am (UTC)

I'll take NIOU CF please <3 :D

Okie dokie pupina-chan!

The other Niou CF (if still available) and Yukimura CF for me please???

The other Niou sure is available!!! I'll put him aside for you as well as Yuki~

May I have Shiraishi and Yukimura CF set?
Thank you :D

Long time no see!!! Most certainly C-chan!!!

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Discount if i take both Ryomas? Q_Q XD
I wish i would be able to offer you to trade the Mug Q_Q it's damn easy to get it X-x but i would be so scared that it could break on its way Q_Q

Ah this price now is already discounted from the original price I posted =) If you go through a proxy and pay for their shipping, I'm sure it's not lower than my price~ Let me know if you want to reserve any!

Hi! Sorry I was just able to message today. I got sick for quite some time. Can you reserve the Atobe Clubs Gold Keyholder for me. I'll ask pupina chan to have my orders shipped with hers so that we can share the shipping costs.

Sure no problem, I'll hold the Atobe Clubs Keyholder for you =)

If for some reason the original requester is unable to buy Atobe Clubs figure, I'd love him!

Hehehe okay, but she is very psyched about it so I doubt it'll happen. Let me know if you're interested in any other ones though!!!

Hi Duckie! I'll take the Yukimura hearts figure!

Okie dokie!!! I'll let you know when he comes ^____^

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So sad I missed out on Atobe >_< But wow, what luck!

There's still Ryoma and Shiraishi!!! They are super cute as well =)

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