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Here comes the next collection of relaxation stickers!!! Releasing in late March so I won't be receiving until April. If I receive get about 10 characters reserved then I will buy a box! Or I might buy two boxes!! $12/sticker, first come first served!!

TWO BOXES HAVE BEEN PRE-ORDERED!!!! Even though I don't have enough reservations, I went ahead and order both so all the people who reserved will get theirs!!!

Reservation List                                                BOX 1                              BOX 2
RS - Workplace : Ryoma                           godchildmomoko
RS - Workplace : Tezuka                                 angelmcv                      babysyusuke
RS - Workplace : Fuji                                      angelmcv                      babysyusuke
RS - Workplace : Atobe
RS - Workplace : Oshitari
RS - Workplace : Wakashi
RS - Workplace : Yukimura                              c2422
RS - Workplace : Sanada                         sagara_megumi                      seiiya
RS - Workplace : Yanagi
RS - Workplace : Niou                                blacknightsky
RS - Workplace : Hirakoba
RS - Workplace : Shiraishi                               c2422                            cethie19
RS - Workplace : O. Kenya
RS - Workplace : Zaizen                               angelmcv                       blacknightsky

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Hi Linna-chan, may I reserved Shiraishi and Yukimura? Thank you :D!

Most certainly, C-chan!!

*Heavy breathing* Ryoma.. here *drools*

Don't drool too much yet, gotta save it for when you get the real thing!!!

Niou and Zaizen for me please!

Alrighty! I'll put you down for Niou, and Zaizen for the second box, but it depends on how many requests I get for whether or not I will buy a second box. Will let you know!

Just letting you know I ordered! You'll definitely get them next year =)

Hey there blackie, are you still in VN? Niou and Zaizen are here!!! Let me know when you are ready for the stuff =)

Hi! ^^

Could you reserve Sanada for me, please? Thanks!

Sure thing megumi-chan~ Any character you want from the second box?

hey duckie?
could you reserve a Shiraishi for Carla Shiraishi?
She chated me on fb and asked me to ask you since she can't login atm (don't know why)
she said she will contact you as soon as possible

Okay, I'll put her down for the second box.

(Deleted comment)
Heya, sure I'll put you down for the second Sanada. Right now I don't have enough requests for a third box, but I'll let you know!!!

No more Fuji here. *cries in the corner*

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