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If you're interested in multiple items, please leave a message!!!

( Mascots, keyholders and accessories )        

( Clear Files and Pencil Boards )  


( Premium Cell Sheets )       

( Postcards, Special Bromides and Trading Cards )       

SHINPURI FLEECE MUFFLER SCARVES                                        
The Fleece Muffler Scarves are very nice, measuring 20x130cm pr 8"x51", pretty long and awesome for cosplay!!! Or just to keep warm =P I only have Rikkaidai left to sell~

Shinpuri Fleece Muffler/Scarf - Rikkaidai  :  $40
no title

SHINPURI MINI TRAYS                                                   
They are made of melamine, 8x8x1.5cm in size. EXCELLENT for little snacks or display or little trinkets!!!!

Shinpuri Plates Set A - 6 : Kai  :  $10
Shinpuri Plates Set A - 7 : Hirakoba  :  $10
Shinpuri Plates Set B - 2 : Mukahi  :  $10
Shinpuri Plates Set B - 5 : Kite  :  $10
Shinpuri Plates Set B - 8 : Ryoga  :  $12
Shinpuri Mini Trays

This is a soft, beautiful, muffler towel made by Movic!!! It has all four school emblems, very pretty ^____^ Size is 115x20cm, or 45.5"x8", pretty nice and long!!!

Shinpuri School Emblem Sports Towel  :  $40

Shinpuri School Emblem towel_01Shinpuri School Emblem towel_02

Okay, since I don't have space to write a description for each item individually, so I'm going to include them all here!!!  Basically, these items are from my personal collection~  They are SUPER DUPER RARE because they are more than 10 YEARS OLD, kept in perfect condition!!!!  So here they are if you're interested!!!

Tenipuri Eraser Set A - Ryo/Eiji/Oishi/Momo/Kaido  :  $10
Tenipuri Tin Boxes Set B  :  $15
Tenipuri Christmas Sparkling Liquid Mouse Pad - Seigaku  :  $20

Tenipuri Seigaku Erasers - 2002Tenipuri Tin boxes - 2002
Tenipuri Christmas Liquid Mouse Pad - Seigaku

TENIPURI CHIBI KEYBOARD COVER                            
This is a beautiful, brand new keyboard cover, released by Movic in February 2005!!!  This is by far one of the rarist Tenipuri items you'll find out there today~  I am highly confident to say that this is probably the ONLY ONE out there now, since it's been 9 years!!!  Even if you can find one, it won't be BRAND NEW and in its ORIGINAL PLASTIC COVER like this one!!!  Have I mentioned that I never open any collectibles unless they are meant to be put on display, like the figures?  ^___^

Tenipuri Chibi Keyboard Cover  :  $25


These are beautiful Japanese washcloth that can be used as a washcloth, or simply to hang for decorations!!!  The artwork is specific to this series, and depict the boys in either Eastern or Western outfits, really nice ^____^

Shinpuri Washcloth - Tezuka & Fuji  :  $16
Shinpuri Washcloth - Atobe & Hiyoshi  :  $16

Shinpuri washcloth - Seigaku and Hyotei

This sliding mirror is dark blue with gold plating, size 6.5cm or 2.5", and has a nice metal ball chain =)

Atobe Kingdom Foundation Day - Sliding Mirror  :  $17

Atobe Kingdom Foundation Day - Sliding mirror

This is the uchiwa of Shiraishi on the beach~

Shiraishi Beach Uchiwa  :  $14
Shiraishi and Atobe  :  $15

Tenipuri Shiraishi Uchiwauchiwa_1

These socks were released in December of 2010, they are very nice and rare collectibles!!!  There are two schools available, Rikkai and Shitenhoji~  Rikkai's socks say "PURI" on the back LOL, and Shitenhoji's socks say "NO SOCKS NO LIFE", c'mon did you expect something less from Shitenhoji?  LOL!!!  They are the funniest and best collectibles for the fans of these two schools~  Get them while you can ^___^

Rikkai "Puri" Socks  :  $15
Shitenhoji "No Socks No Life" Socks  :  $15

Tenipuri socks - Rikkai Shiten - frontTenipuri socks - Rikkai Shiten - back

These are the new Shinpuri Multiplate collection~  Made of hard plastic like the pencilboards, of size 12x12cm or 5"x5".  Each will be $7; buy 2, $6.50 each; buy 3+, $6 each!!! Buy as many as you like, I have a couple sets of these =)

#1  Winter Ryoma  :  $7
#2  Young Yukimura  :  $7
#3  U-17 Marui  :  $7
#4  U-17 Kirihara  :  $7
#5  U-17 Atobe  :  $7
#6  U-17 Shiraishi  :  $7
#7  U-17 Krauser  :  $7
#9  U-17 Otori  :  $7
#10  Young Zaizen  :  $7
#11  Mountain Yanagi  :  $7
#12  Oshitari Cousins  :  $7
#13  Young Shiraishi  :  $7
#14  Bathing Marui  :  $7
#15  Train Tokugawa  :  $7
#16  Headband Yukimura  :  $7
#17  Young Sanada  :  $7
#18  Mizuke  :  $7
#19  Autumn Niou  :  $7
#20  Fishing Tezuka  :  $7

Shinpuri multiplates - 0102Shinpuri multiplates - 0304
Shinpuri multiplates - 0506Shinpuri multiplates - 0708
Shinpuri multiplates - 0910Shinpuri multiplates - 1112
Shinpuri multiplates - 1314Shinpuri multiplates - 1516Shinpuri multiplates - 1718Shinpuri multiplates - 1920

SHINPURI CHIBI FACE TOWELS                     
These are face towels of the boys in chibi form =)  Very cute!!!

Shinpuri Chibi Face Towel - Ryoma  :  $12
Shinpuri Chibi Face Towel - Yukimura  :  $12           
Shinpuri - mini towel - RyomaShinpuri - mini towel - ShiraishiShinpuri - mini towel - Yukimura

Cuz they know you're gonna be sweeting like crazy when you're jogging, and you're gonna be all oily, they're having these guys motivate you by absorbing oils... hehehe just kidding!!  Got the boys' profiles on the back for you to check out!!  Set A has K/R/F/Y and set B has K/A/T/K  =P  There are 100 sheets per pack, and you can carry these in your purses or backpacks~  Nice touch to keep your face beautiful and matted ^_____^

Shinpuri Oil Absorbent Sheets, 0413A  :  $12
Shinpuri Oil Absorbent Sheets, 0413B  :  $12

Shinpuri oil absorbent - running_AShinpuri oil absorbent - running_B

Very similiar to the first installment of the masking tape!!  These are good quality masking tap with all of the SCHOOL LOGOS!  The tape is blue and white this time ^____^  Take a look at the photo!  The tape dispenser is not included ^___^

Shinpuri Masking Tape Emblem  :  $12

Shinpuri tape_3Shinpuri tape_4

These masking tape is red and white and has "The Prince of Tennis II" and "Japan" printed on it, and the roll is 15 meters long!! Please see the photos below. Tape dispenser NOT INCLUDED =P

Shinpuri Masking Tape Japan  :  $12

These are nice photo albums to store your Tenimyu photosets or just personal photos!!!  I've got two, both are Shiraishi =P  But they are very nice so get them while you can!!!

Shiraishi/Shitenhoji Tenipuri Photo Album  :  $15
photo albums - Shiraishiphoto albums - Shiraishi_1

This alarm clock is an original collectible produced by T.K. Works/NAS in 2004!!  The clock is silver metallic with a deep blue back, measuring 3"x5"x5.5" or 8x13x14cm.  BRAND NEW with ORIGINAL STICKER and BOX and MANUAL, NEVER BEEN USED!!!  The alarm clock is in perfect working condition, I tested it before I post it here for sale =)  I keep my collectibles really really well, so you don't have to worry about nonfunctional stuff =P  The clock comes with a Japanese batteriy, but it is prohibited to ship batteries through the mail, so I'm going to remove it before shipping to you.  They take 1 AA battery, any brand will do, so you don't need this one.  This is VERY VERY RARE!!!!!! Beautiful collectible for any Tenipuri Fan!!!  I'm only posting this for a while, if nobody's interested then I will take it down, so grab it if you want before it goes off the post!!!

Tenipuri Alarm Clock  :  $50
IMG_0665_1Tenipuri_alarm clock

These socks are similar to the Seigaku ones I sold a long time ago =)  They are made of cotton and polyester by processing knitting, 24-26cm~  There are two designs, the black socks and the white socks, and they have the shoelaces on the top and words on the bottom as always =P
The bottom of the Black socks features Mifune's "KAKUMEI JA?!" meaning "REVOLUTION!"
The bottom of the White socks features Atobe's "KISAMA-RA II YUME WA MIRETA KA?" meaning "DID YOU ALL HAVE A NICE DREAM?"

Shinpuri U-17 Socks, Black  :  $15
Shinpuri U-17 Socks, White  :  $15
Shinpuri socks - frontShinpuri socks - bottom

Rikkai, 0510A : $12

These are beautiful chopsticks with each school team name and logo at the top!  The school logo is actually covered by a raised layer of resin over it ^___^  Very very nice!!!

x2  All Japan Chopsticks  :  $13

These character pens are Tenipuri pens with tennis ball caps and chibi boys in their various uniforms sitting on top!!!  They have straps for cell phones and keychains, definitely something useful and cute to carry around wherever you go~~ I have only ONE of each and I do not intend to buy anymore!!! 

CharaPen 4 - Oshitari : $11

CharaPen 6 - Krauser : $11
CharaPen 8 - Tokugawa : $11
CharaPen 9 - Irie : $11

Jigsaw puzzles contain 2 pieces of chewing gum and 56-pieces with original artwork created EXCLUSIVELY for this puzzle set!!!  You will not find these artworks on any other PoT goods! How fast can you recognize these cuties?! Size 7.25"x10" (18.2cmx25.7cm).  If you paste all the pieces onto a board or put into a frame, you should have a nice jigsaw puzzle portrait ^___^  ALL ARE BRAND NEW & UNOPENED!!!  Click on the first photo to access the album for the rest!

Ryoma and the Highschoolers : $14             
Shinpuri - jigsaw_1

( Portraits and Posters )       

( Relaxation Stickers, Stickers, Cell Phone Decals, etc... )         

( Envelopes, Notebooks, Memopads, etc... )        

Thank you for looking!!!
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hi i am interested in the atobe keigo mirror, and other atobe keigo items, do you have a list on which are available? i saw other atobe keigo foundation day/bday events for sale. I am wondering if they are also still available. Please let me know.

Hi there, thank you for your message. I am 99% sure all Atobe items listed are available. Definitely the foundation day items are all available. If you want to send me a list of the items you are interested in buying, I will check and let you know for sure. All items are on sale as I noted in the pinned post.

Also, if you can give me your zipcode, or country name if international, I can give you a shipping estimate as well once I confirm availability. My email address is linna0405 at gmail dot com, feel free to email me if that’s more convenient.

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