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This late January, Movic is going to release some really nice stick posters for Jump Festa 2015 of the three sporty series everybody loves!!!  That means I'll receive them around mid-February. Please make a comment and list exactly which one you want, and please be serious when you reserve since I can't cancel my orders from Japan once I put them in. Here they are to reserve!!! Each poster is $10, first come first served!!! Click on the pictures to see a bigger version of them~


There will be a shiny pearl version and a normal version for the Shinpuri Pirate set, so remember to indicate which version you want =)  If I get about 10 reservations, I will buy the box~

Reservation List:                                    Normal Version                               Shiny Pearl Version
Shinpuri SP Pirate - Ryoma:                                                                           yumikajima
Shinpuri SP Pirate - Fuji                         babysyusuke                                    ink
Shinpuri SP Pirate - Atobe
Shinpuri SP Pirate - Yukimura                yumikajima                                        c2422
Shinpuri SP Pirate - Niou                        pupina_chan                                    blacknightsky
Shinpuri SP Pirate - Marui
Shinpuri SP Pirate - Kite
Shinpuri SP Pirate - Shiraishi                  pupina_chan                                     c2422

This Free! stick poster collection has two styles, one is of them being champions, and the other of them in Australia I presume... (so much to catch up on after finals...sigh)... And then one of the group in the bathhouse. There should be five additional ones on special paper, but I don't know which ones they are yet, so unfortunately I can't list them for reservations. Once I receive them and see what they are, I will post them for you to buy. If I get about 10 reservations, I will buy the box.

Reservation List:                                      Champions Version                          Australia Version
Free! Eternal Summer SP - Haruka:                    blacknightsky
Free! Eternal Summer SP - Makoto:
Free! Eternal Summer SP - Rin:                     blacknightsky
Free! Eternal Summer SP - Nagisa:
Free! Eternal Summer SP - Rei:
Free! Eternal Summer SP - Group bath house (only one)

This winter stick poster collection has two versions, a full body version and a magnified half-body version.  So remember to tell me which versions you want when you reserve!!! If I get about 10 reservations, I will buy the box.

Reservation List:                                        Full Body Version                             Half Body Version
KuroBasu Winter SP - Kuroko:
KuroBasu Winter SP - Kagami:                                anjichan                                 anjichan
KuroBasu Winter SP - Kise:
KuroBasu Winter SP - Murasakibara:
KuroBasu Winter SP - Himuro:
KuroBasu Winter SP - Akashi:                                     ink                                     ink
KuroBasu Winter SP - Mibuchi:
KuroBasu Winter SP - Kuroko/Kagami/Kise Group
KuroBasu Winter SP - Murasakibara/Himuro/Akashi/Mibuchi Group

Shinpuri Stick poster piratesFree! Stick Poster Collection

KuroBasu stick poster 012015

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please add the shiny pearl version of Niou to my order ^_^ ( I can't resist his sexiness LOL )

Are you 100% sure you want both Niou's and normal Shiraishi?!

Aww...Niou is completely gone D: The early bird gets the worm, eh? Since I can't have him and just in case you do get a box of the Free! ones, can you put me down for Haru and Rin champion posters?

Hehehe yeah... Sorry, pupina wanted both Niou's. Anyways, I'm not sure if I can get the Free! Posters, but I'll put you down just in case!!!

Oh! Please could I be put down for Kagami both versions if still available? Thank you Duckie! ♥

He sure is!!! I'll put you down for both Kagami's!!! You're always welcome anjichan <3

Hi Linna-chan, may I have Yukimura and Shiraishi shiny version?
Thank you :).

You absolutely may C-chan!!! You're so polite ^___^

(Screened comment)
Finally I get to log in =.= could you reserve Fuji sempai for me please, shiny version ^^ thanks!

Hey there!!! Shiny Fuji is already taken, but I can put you down for the normal version if you still want him!!

Hello! Can you put me down for Shiny Pearl Ryoma and Normal Yukimura? Thanks! :)

Also I forgot to ask if you'll be asking for payment immediately or will you wait until you receive the items? :)

Hi yumi~ Just letting you know that the Ryoma and Yukimura stick posters are here ^___^

Wah! Duckie-san can I still order Fuji of the pirate poster?

Heya, ah sorry, Fuji is already taken... We've got lots of Fuji fans around here!!!

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