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Prince of Tennis new items to preorder!!!
It has been a while since I last put up anything for ordering!!! Anyways, there are some upcoming items and re-released items as well. The fabric mascots are especially cute!!! Dunno how long they will be available for so I wanna get them ordered as soon as possible. It is a set so of course if I get more than 6 characters reserved then I'll buy a set. Go ahead and make a comment if you are interest. There may or may not be enough interest for multiple sets!! The other items can be purchased on an individual basis, so order as many as you like. Although, it'll be first come first served. By the time I put in the order, whatever is available will be given to those who reserved first on the list. Again, please make sure you are completely serious about it before reserving.

Shinpuri Fabric Mascot ($13/mascot) Reservation List
Shinpuri Fabric Mascot : Ryoma
Shinpuri Fabric Mascot : Atobe
Shinpuri Fabric Mascot : Hiyoshi
Shinpuri Fabric Mascot : Yukimura
Shinpuri Fabric Mascot : Niou                                           pupina_chan
Shinpuri Fabric Mascot : Marui
Shinpuri Fabric Mascot : Shiraishi
Shinpuri Fabric Mascot : Bunta

Shinpuri Music Mug : $55                                                  angel1976mcv
Shinpuri Tennis Crown Charm - Seigaku : $14
Shinpuri Tennis Crown Charm - Hyotei : $14
Shinpuri School Emblem Keyholder - Ryoma : $14
Shinpuri School Emblem Keyholder - Atobe : $14
Shinpuri School Emblem Keyholder - Yukimura : $14
Shinpuri School Emblem Keyholder - Shiraishi : $14
Shinpuri Reading Clear File - Ryoma : $15
Shinpuri Reading Clear File - Yukimura : $15
Shinpuri Reading Clear File - Shiraishi : $15
Shinpuri Reading Clear File - Group : $15