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I am making another order on Movic, so here are a few items I can order individually. Make a comment if you are interested in any of these items~


Hakuouki 0615 : $15
Amnesia 0615 : $15
Free! Eternal Summer 0615 : $17 Anjichan
Karneval 0615 : $17


These charms can be purchased individually so let me know if you want multiples. Each charm will be $14 each.

Hakuouki SSL Charms - Hijikata, 0615A :
Hakuouki SSL Charms - Okita, 0615B :
Hakuouki SSL Charms - Saitou, 0615C :
Hakuouki SSL Charms - Toudou, 0615D :
Hakuouki SSL Charms - Harada, 0615E :
Hakuouki SSL Charms - Kazama, 0615F :

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Sure thing anjichan!!! I will get one Free! CF for you =) Oh, and I think I told you that your Love Stage CF was ready right?

How are things with your teeth and laptop?

Thank you hon! Yep, you told me that Love Stage CF and the KNB stick posters were ready for shipping so I am ok with either waiting until more of the knb i have pre-ordered to arrive or they can be shipped sooner and when you are ready I'll pay asap-?

The laptop is so much better now and as for my teeth it has been a living nightmare but we are getting there~ my broken tooth has been sorted now all I have to wait is for a quote for two crowns (which i am not looking forward to even knowing how much that will cost OTL)

It's great hearing from you! I hope all is well with you too ^.^

Heyhey, I am glad that the laptop is working well, but sorry to hear about your teeth... I hope the quotes for the crowns will not be too terrible!!! Can they do something temporarily to help with the pain?

Your five KuroBasu yurayura clips are here as well as the two Shiai Hen 1Q!!! I will get them packed with the stick posters tomorrow and let you know the total =) We can save the Love Stage CF for when the Free! CF comes~

The pain is not to bad. It is more like sensitivity pain and I have some good toothpaste for the discomfort that I simply apply to the tooth and the pain is less and also it helps because now I have cut back on sugar and fizzy drinks and drinking more water instead ^_^

Sounds like a plan! I don't mind waiting for the clear files. I'll pay asap once you get back to me with the total- I am looking forward to the yurayrua clips they are so adorable!! \^^/

I see I see, well take care of those teeth so you can keep your smile ^___^ And yes, cutting back on sugar and fizzy drinks is good for you in general!!!

Alrighty, here is the total for the bulky items, and then once the CF's are in, we can ship those separately =)

KuroBasu YuraYura Vols. 2 - Kuroko : $12
KuroBasu YuraYura Vols. 2 - Takao : $12
KuroBasu YuraYura Vols. 3 - Kagami : $12
KuroBasu YuraYura Vols. 3 - Midorima : $12
KuroBasu YuraYura Vols. 3 - Aomine : $12
KuroBasu Shiai Hen 1Q - Kuroko : $15
KuroBasu Shiai Hen 1Q - Hanamiya : $15
KuroBasu Snacks SP 2 - Kagami : $10
KuroBasu Snacks SP 2 - Kiyoshi : $10
KuroBasu Snacks SP 2 - Aomine : $10
Shipping : $18
Total "Send money to friends" = $138
Total "Send payment for goods" = $145

Anytime you're ready! I can have your package sent on Friday~

It is the only positive from having problems with teeth is that I have lost so much weight just by avoiding sugary foods/drinks ^_~

No problem! I sent you a payment via PP for $138 so it should be with you shortly~ I can't wait!!! \0/

TY duckie! ^.^

Hehehe I see, that is a positive thing, though make sure you get enough nutrients and stuff to keep in good health!

I have received the payment and have purchased postage for your package. I will drop it off in the morning, and it should be there in about a week or two~ Let me know when you get it as always!

I got the shipping notice thank you~ my Shiai Hen 2Q figures shipped today too so I should get them as near the same time!! I will let you know as soon as they arrive ^_~

Oh nice!! I hope they will arrive at the same time, you can get them all set up at once ^_____^ Let me know if you want any of the other cuties from 1Q!!!

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