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Preorders: Prince of Tennis Relaxation Stickers - in Shopping, Bocchi-kun Straps
The nth volume of Shinpuri Kutsurogi ~ in Shopping will be released in November!  They come in a set of 14, so if I get about 7 characters requested from a set then I will buy a box.  Each sticker will be $12, first come first served.  I will receive sometime in December.  The Bocchi-kun Straps can be purchased individually, $13/strap, so order as many as you like!!


Reservation List:                                                           Box 1                    Box 2
Shinpuri RS - in Shopping - Ryoma  :  $12
Shinpuri RS - in Shopping - Fuji  :  $12                     angelmcv              sanriobey
Shinpuri RS - in Shopping - Atobe  :  $12
Shinpuri RS - in Shopping - Mukahi  :  $12
Shinpuri RS - in Shopping - Ryo/Otori  :  $12            angelmcv
Shinpuri RS - in Shopping - Yuki  :  $12                     C2422
Shinpuri RS - in Shopping - Niou  :  $12                     pupina_chan
Shinpuri RS - in Shopping - Marui  :  $12
Shinpuri RS - in Shopping - Akaya  :  $12
Shinpuri RS - in Shopping - Kai/Rin  :  $12
Shinpuri RS - in Shopping - Shira  :  $12                  skypuppy06
Shinpuri RS - in Shopping - Ko/Yu  :  $12
Shinpuri RS - in Shopping - Zaizen  :  $12                 skypuppy06
Shinpuri RS - in Shopping - Ryoga  :  $12

Shinpuri Bocchi-kun Straps - Ryoma  :  $13
Shinpuri Bocchi-kun Straps - Fuji  :  $13                 angelmcv, syusukes_angel x2,
Shinpuri Bocchi-kun Straps - Eiji  :  $13
Shinpuri Bocchi-kun Straps - Shiraishi  :  $13
Shinpuri Bocchi-kun Straps - Kenya  :  $13
Shinpuri Bocchi-kun Straps - Kintarou  :  $13

Shinpuri Kutsurogi - In Shopping.jpg

Shinpuri Kutsurogi - In Shopping 2.jpgShinpuri Kutsurogi - In Shopping 1.jpg
Shinpuri Kutsurogi - In Shopping 3.jpgShinpuri Kutsurogi - In Shopping 4.jpg

Shinpuri Bocchi-kun - Ryoma.jpgShinpuri Bocchi-kun - Fuji.jpgShinpuri Bocchi-kun - Eiji.jpg
Shinpuri Bocchi-kun - Shiraishi.jpgShinpuri Bocchi-kun - Kenya.jpgShinpuri Bocchi-kun - Kentarou.jpg

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Fuji and silver pair stickers and fuji strap please.

Sure thing =) Alrighty, I have ordered the box, will let you know when I get them ^___^

Edited at 2015-09-12 04:47 am (UTC)

Could I reserve the Fuji sticker if you get a second box?

Sure, I will put your name down and let you know if I have enough requests for a second box =) Would you also like a Fuji Strap? That can be ordered individually, so no worries about the first member.

Edited at 2015-09-08 06:18 am (UTC)

Thank you! I'm still thinking about the Fuji strap.

Alrighty, just let me know before I put in the order =)

Hello Linna-san!!

Please reserve one Fuji strap for me please. Thank you! (*´▽`*)♬*゜

Re: Bocchi-kun Strap

Sure thing Mara-san!! And you're welcome ^____^

Hi ^^
Im interested in Shiraishi's & Zaizen's sticker! ^^

Hello there, thank you for your message. Is that a definite reservation? If you will definitely get those two stickers then I will put your name down and purchase the box once I have enough reservations. Let me know~

Hi skypuppy! The relaxations stickers are here!!! Sorry I was away for a while. Shiraishi and Zaizen are ready, anything else you would like to add before I give you the total?

Yup, definitely ^^
won't back out ;)

Alrighty then, I will put your name down =)

Alrighty!! I have ordered a box of Kutsurogi. You will definitely get your Shiraishi and Zaizen stickers when they come =) I will let you know in December when they are ready to ship! In the mean time, please take a look at other items and let me know if you are interested in anything else. I do combine shipping, so the more the better! Oh, what is your zip code or country name if international?

Put me down for my love, Niou xD

Okie dokie done!!!

Edited at 2015-09-12 04:45 am (UTC)

Linna-chan, I would like to reserve Yukimura and Shiraishi relaxing stickers :). Thank you!

Hi C-chan, unfortunately, someone has reserved Shiraishi before you, and I dont have enough requests for a second box, so I only ordered one box. Yukimura relaxation sticker is still available, do you want him still?

Yes, I still want Yukimura relaxation sticker :)

Okay! I will put you down for Yukimura =)

Hey for the relax sticker do you still have Fuji? ^^

Hey hey, ah... I only got enough reservations to order one box, so Fuji is already taken... Sorry I don't have any left of him... Do you want a Bocchi-kun strap?

Hey then it's ok. I have the Bocchi kun already though ^^

Oh okay, alrighty =) I'll let you know if there are cool Fuji stuff come his bday in 2016 ^_____^

That would be awesome ^^

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