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Four figures but only two characters... Hmmmm... I am tempted to buy more LOL... no more money... Who wants some of these?!?! WEDDING THEMED ANIKUJI!!!! All in beautiful white suits hehehe

You can see what they are below, first come first served~

3x Anikuji A-3 : Yukimura Wedding Figure : $45 Pupina_friends-1x
1x Anikuji A-5 : Shiraishi Wedding Figure : $60
1x Anikuji B : Pair Wedding Glasses : $55 angelmcv
1x Anikuji C-4 : Shitenhoji Towel : $15
2x Anikuji D-2 : Atobe Sliding Mirror : $25
1x Anikuji E-1 : Seigaku Group Keyholder : $20 Syusukes_angel
3x Anikuji E-2 : Hyotei Group Keyholder : $15 14_2-yumi-1x
2x Anikuji E-3 : Rikkai Group Keyholder : $18 Pupina_chan
2x Anikuji F-1 : Ryoma/Fuji : $30 Syusukes_angel-1x, inky-1x
1x Anikuji F-2 : Atobe/Ootori : $30
3x Anikuji F-3 : Yukimura/Niou : $30 Pupina_chan-1x, blacknightsky-1x, C2422-1x
2x Anikuji F-4 : Shiraishi/Zaizen : $30 Blacknightsky-Zaizen/Pupina-Shira, C2422-1x
1x Anikuji F-5 : Tezuka/Oshitari : $30 Pupina_friends-1x
1x Anikuji F-6 : Kite/Marui : $30

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Awww the MCF and the keychains are really nice!!!! <3 please reserve them to me. The ones with Fuji.

Edited at 2015-09-19 02:46 am (UTC)

Sure thing!! They are actually not Mini Clear Files, they are full size Clear Files, 2 in each set, do you still want the set?

Yes please. Waaaahh i thought they were mini cfs... That is even better!!!!! Yay!!!! So that is the uhm Seigaku Keyholder and Fuji-Echizen CF.

Edited at 2015-09-19 04:15 am (UTC)

Alrighty! I only got one Seigaku Keyholder so you are the lucky one!

Yay.. When the Anikuji images got out, I've had my eyes on these itEms. Haha thank you!!

Edited at 2015-09-19 06:44 am (UTC)

Hi Mara-san, I just wanna let you know that the Anikuji items are here!!!! I came home Friday evening and got a notice that the box was waiting for me at the post office, was super excited! Just picked it up this morning. The items are lovely ^___^ Although, I am going to be super busy until after the 21st, so unfortunately, I won't be able to send anything to you yet hehehe... but just letting you know that they are safely here ^____^

Rikkai Keyholder, Niou Clear File and the Shiraishi Figure Please!!

Can you add Yuushi/Tezuka CF for my friends?:)

My friend wants the Yukimura figure too. She might pay next week.. I'll let you know :)


Sounds good Pupina-chan! I will put you down for that as well. Will let you know when all have arrived! Let me know if you can find the Zaizen/Atobe fan so we can give you Shiraishi and your other friend Ootori ^____^

Sure thing.I hope they'll reply QwQ
Oh and please reserve the hyotei keyholder for my friend as well. 14_2yumi will just contact you for her payments. she's my friend who's a Yuushi fan.I bet you know her! Thankies!! ^__^

Oh okay sure, I will save a Hyotei keyholder for her. I have actually been trying to contact her for a while now for payments of the other things she held, so thank you for reaching out to her for me!

Sure thing! I will let her know about it ^__^

Hi pupina-chan~ Just letting you and your friends know that the anikuji items are safely here and everything looks beautiful ^___^ I won't be able to send out anything anytime soon, so we just stick to the same payment timeframe we agreed to before =) Just letting you know they are here so you all can prepare~

Yaaaaay! I cant wait to have them. Thank you!

Anikuji CFs are the one thing that I can't resist otl. So, put me down for the Niou/Yukimura one please!

Hehehee okay!!! I will save one set of Niou/Yuki for you!! Do you want Zaizen? One of the members is hoping for just Shiraishi, so if you want Zaizen, I can split that set up between you two, if you want =) Let me know!

Sounds tempting! I wouldn't mind splitting the set and getting Zaizen! My sister would love it lol

Wonderful! I know she would, he looks great in the wedding suit LOL ^____^

Hey there, just letting you know the CF's are here! Want a keyholder too? They look pretty nifty =)

Hi Linna-chan, may I have Yukimura/Niou and Shiraishi/Zaizen clear file sets? Thank you :)

Hi C-chan, sure, your reservations will be the last of each set, so you are lucky!

Hi C-chan! The clear file sets are here!! But I am super busy until after the 21st, so is the weekend of the 23rd or 24th okay to ship them out to you? Sorry!

Hi Linna-chan, it is totally fine for me to ship them after 21st :)

Hey babe,

Can I order all the Fuji from you if you still have them esp the folder? ^^; Thanks!

Edited at 2015-09-26 05:20 am (UTC)

Can you reserve the wedding glasses for me? Thank u!

Hihi Maria!!! The glasses are here and they are beautiful ^______^ Ummmm... I am super busy studying for my exams though... do you need them right away or will you be able to wait until after the 21st? Is Friday 10/23 or Sat 10/24 okay to ship to you? I'm sorry T___T

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