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There's a new KuroBasu 2016 Schedule Book coming out next week~  If anyone wants one, please go ahead and make a comment. This schedule book contains 96 pages woohoo!!!  And it unfortunately also costs 3 times more than the ones they used to make... better be super awesome right?  You wouldn't know until you buy one ^____^  Just for comparison though, the ones they used to make contain only 24 pages, these contain 4 times more with 96 pages!!  It is a WEEKLY PLANNER along with the MONTHLY PLANNER they used to make!!!  I think they finally caught on that the monthly planner is not enough for people to write in!  Expect it to be full color, a lot of writing space, thick like an actual book, and all the good high quality stuff like they always make!!!  Also expect it to be 4 times thicker, and heavier than what you're used to getting as well~  I won't charge 3 times more LOL, it'll be $40 for a schedule book.  Let me know soon if you want one, these can be ordered individually~

KuroBasu 2016 Schedule Book  :  $40                     1x anjichan

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+1 for me! I love the illustrations and colours- OTL;

The expensive price tag may scare long term fans away I wonder why they made it so pricey this time around beside it being a little more content heavy???

Thank you! ^.^

Okie dokie anjichan!

Not sure why actually, but looking forward to seeing it =)

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